Tabloid Daze

Of course, I’ve had my share of tabloid silliness, like my EXCLUSIVE on the Bronx man who got a ticket for sitting on a milk crate.  The actual charge (visible in the original picture but blurry in the PDF) was “improper use of milk crate.”  To be fair, it is actually illegal under New York State law to use a genuine milk crate for anything other than transporting milk or ice cream — seriously.  But the officer’s alleged comment at the time of the ticketing — “Don’t blame me. Blame Bloomberg” — suggests the incident had more to do with allegations of pressure on cops to raise revenue with agressive ticketing than with protecting of the integrity of the state’s dairy dairy products.

Also, after Braves pitcher John Rocker slammed 7 train riders with a racist, xenophobic rant in Sports Illustrated, he boasted that he’d ride the 7 train when he returned to Shea Stadium.  In the end, Rocker chickened out — but I didn’t.  The Daily News sent me out the day before to ride the 7 line wearing a Rocker jersey.  When I returned relatively intact, with no report of violence, my editors sent me back out again with instructions to talk more trash to the drunken, face-painted fans headed out to Shea for a Mets-Marlins game that night.  I never got punched, but I got plenty of threats and verbal abuse.

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