White House petitioning app free on GitHub

Are you a new nation struggling to pay off your student loans and ragtag-militia-cum-national-army?  Or a fledgling democracy too busy fighting terrorist insurgencies to sort out all this “We the People” stuff?  Or maybe a blood-stained dictator who just wants to know why your people are so pissed off?  Well this is your lucky day!

The Obama Administration has released an open source app on GitHub so that any government in the world can set up a web page that allows citizens to create and sign onto petitions just like they do at WhiteHouse.gov.  And it’s FREE — though IT costs usually aren’t the main reason many governments don’t listen to their people, but it’s still a nice thought.

And speaking of nice thoughts, there are plenty among the 29 petitions so far submitted for your approval, ranging from calls to mandate labeling of genetically modified foods, and require free online access to all scientific journal articles on taxpayer-funded research, to championing the inalienable right of women to go topless wherever men can go shirtless.

That’s not to mention the petition VentureBeat included without comment as a screengrab in an item earlier today about the GitHub release, which exhorts the Obama Administration to “Return Taiwan to the Emperor of Japan  under the Law of Nations to Ensure the Peace and Security of the Western Pacific.”  You may scoff, but this appeal has gathered 2,231 signatures as of the time of this posting in the two weeks since it was created, having picked up 26 new signatories since it appeared on VentureBeat.

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