Facebook is Pink, Twitter is Blue

There’s a significant divide between the content of posts most likely to be shared on Twitter versus those more often “Liked” through Facebook.  When Twitter data scientist and blogger Edwin Chen noticed that different articles on the same site often get shared far more via one social media service than the other, he analyzed what factors make a post more “Tweetable” or “Likable.”

The short answer is that geeky tech stuff gets more tweets, while items with more pop-culture “mass appeal” are more likely to get Liked, according to Chen’s analysis of posts at a number of blogs and sites (FlowingData, Quora, xkcd, and New Scientist).   But one of Chen’s creative visualizations of his data from Nathan Yau’s FlowingData site highlighted a surprising difference that has serious meme potential.

“Here’s a meta-visualization of the FlowingData articles, sorted by articles popular on Facebook in the top left to articles popular on Twitter in the bottom right… It does indeed look like the images at the top (the articles popular on Facebook) are more pink, while the images at the bottom (the articles popular on Twitter) are more blue…”

The geeks/masses divide between Twitter and Fabcebook isn’t very surprising, nor would the math-tech/pop-fluff differential raise too many eyebrows, but combine that with a gender-loaded color scheme and we may get Jezebel on the case.

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