Kinetic Power for Off-Grid Crisis Mappers

An Indiegogo project seeks to equip Crisis Mappers in remote areas with nPower® PEG chargers to power the devices they use to tweet and text real-time intelligence from crisis areas that is then used to create maps for emergency responders.

The awardwinning chargers harvest kinetic energy (from walking or even bumpy rides) to power personal electronic devices.

According to the developers, a clean energy startup in Cleveland, Ohio, called Tremont Electric, 11 minutes of walking can provide enough power for  1 minute of talk time during a 2G call on an iPhone, with 26 minutes of walking required to sustain the same time during a 3G call.  That power would likely be stretched further by Crisis Mappers in the field, however, who typically use less-power-hungry devices and send dispatches mostly by text.

Tremont Electric is raising money on Indiegogo through Sept. 12 to provide nPower® PEG chargers to the Crisis Mappers organization, which will distribute them to its eyes and ears in the most remote and challenging off-grid areas.  The number of devices provided will depend on the amount of funding raised.

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