Rocket Internet Partnership Will Open New Territiory for Its Clone Army

Rocket Internet closed a deal today that will expand its clone army into new territory, according to an announcement from it new partner, Millicom International Cellular.

According to the deal, Millicom will gain 20% stakes in two Rocket subsidiaries, Latin America Internet Holdings (LIH) and Africa Internet Holdings (AIH), with an option to acquire 50% controlling interests over the next four years for a total outlay of $1.28 billion.

Partnering with Millicom will give the Berlin clone incubator a foothold in two of the only regions on Earth where the Rocket hasn’t yet landed.  Earlier this year Gigaom listed 38 Rocket spawn across 58 countries — many of which are clones of established internet businesses — and produced a chilling map depicting Rocket’s global footprint (at right).

Notice that two of the only regions not already painted Rocket red are Africa and Central America — which happen to be the two regions where Millicom boasts telecom networks.  Millicom is the dominant service provider in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, and maintains a commanding presence in Bolivia and Paraguay.  Likewise Millicom is a major provider of telecom service in seven countries across Africa.  So the Millicom deal will surely open up vast new swaths of Lebensraum for Rocket Internet’s restless entrepreneurs.

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