Lionsgate greenlights “Fatal Attraction for the digital age”

Would you “Like” some boiled rabbit?  Lionsgate’s social-media horror film XOXO, billed as “Fatal Attraction for the digital age,” will depict a Facebook flirtation going horribly wrong.  According to Variety :

Story follows an on-the-rise exec who’s engaged to be married but enjoys flirting online. He meets an alluring woman on Facebook and the two begin a virtual relationship, but the Internet romance begins seeping into the protag’s actual life in a deadly way.

Variety also says “the studio plans to employ stylized visual sequences to make the online interactions more cinematic.”

The studio has hired George Nolfi (director of the “The Adjustment Bureau” and writer of “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Ocean’s Twelve”), to rewrite and direct XOXO.  Lionsgate was the studio behind one of the first thrillers to exploit the fertile ground of social media, 2005’s Hard Candy, which depicted a 14-year-old girl (played by Ellen Page) turning the tables on a sexual predator who flirted with her over online chat.

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