Apple: No Killer Drone Apps for the iPhone

The killjoys of Cupertino have thrice rejected Drones+, which (would have) let you track America’s fleet of flying deathbots on their global killing spree from the comfort of your iPhone.

Drones+ doesn’t disclose drone flight paths en route to strikes or provide real-time images of the targets or anything like that.  It’s only meant to send an alert (and map point) to the phones of the morbidly curious whenever a drone strike occurs, based on a publicly available database of strikes compiled by the U.K.’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism, according to WIRED’s Danger Room.

Apple’s reasoning for blocking Drones+ from the App Store has changed each time it rejected the app, but the latest excuse is that the content is “objectionable and crude.”  Simply pushing out map points after strikes have been confirmed might be considered rather “crude” functionality for users who would really prefer a live video stream of scurrying Taliban below, but that’s probably not what Apple was talking about.

That leaves open the question of who may have objected to the content.  Apple, says Danger Room, wasn’t able to comment about that.

Drones+’s developer, Josh Begley, is currently considering an Android version.

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