Mitt Romney’s Money will be Trending on Twitter Tonight

Mitt Romney will make history on the last night of the Republican National Convention — as the first political candidate in history to purchase a national “trending topic” on Twitter.

Romney is scheduled to “trend” on the evening of Thursday, Aug. 30, to coincide with his speech accepting the Republican nomination for president, an event the campaign evidently feared would not generate avid interest among the Twiterati.

Though the GOP’s vice-presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, did trend on Twitter following his acceptance speech on Aug. 29, the Romney campaign is leaving nothing to chance.  The purchase of a national “trending topic” on Twitter will assure that Romney appears to be the subject of much comment on the social media platform, simulating the effect of great interest in his candidacy among users of the service.

The “trend” the Romney campaign bought for this evening will appear as #RomneyRyan2012, along with a tag noting that it has been “Promoted.”  Mousing over the tag shows the helpful disclosure “Paid for by Mitt Romney of President, Inc.”

No confirmation yet on reports that Romney also intends to take his mother to the Prom.

5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Money will be Trending on Twitter Tonight

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