Pro-Assange Hactivist Breaches Main U.K. Police Website

The ongoing cyber-assault on websites across the United Kingdom to protest the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has added to its list of scalps the main police website for England and Wales,, according to the hacker blog CyberWarNews.

A hacker using the handle @0x00x00 announced on Twitter a series of datadumps drawn from the U.K. police site flagged with the hashtag #OpFreeAssange.

CyberWarNews characterized the data, which is archived at

The first lot of accounts belong to officers/users of the site and total 97 all with a common setup email and clear text password as well as other personal information.

The second lot of data is from user logs and appears to be a list of logs from officers looking into certain warrant files.

The third contains officer contain details and the fourth is contact details for other places with England and Wales.

While many of the hactivists waging cyberwar against the British authorities on behalf of Assange affiliate themselves with groups like Anonymous, LulzSec and NullCrew, @0x00x00 claims to be an independent operator.  Yesterday, NullCrew leaked usernames and passwords hacked from Cambridge University along with a statement:

“Julian Assange has been fought against for speaking his voice. NullCrew along with all of Anonymous are fighting this, and will not stop.

“If truly, the proper thing doesn’t happen with Assange, the United Kingdom will forever be a target to Anonymous and NullCrew, and all the other groups associated with Anonymous.”

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