How Vi Hart Creates an Audience: A Must-See Video for Anyone in New Media

Vi Hart is a self-described “mathemusician” who became a geek phenom on YouTube with her video series Doodling in Math Class.

Below is her video musing about the eerily prescient foreword to They Became What They Beheld, a book by anthropologist Edmund Snow Carpenter published in 1970 (and now out of print), but which reads like a journalism textbook written for Generation Tweet.  The book grew out of Carpenter’s collaboration with media visionary Marshall McLuhan on a 1968 article entitled “Fashion Is Language,” for a special McLuhan issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Want more Vi?  I highly recommend her tirade against the Tyranny of Pi, her discourse on what a wack-job Pythagoras was, and her open letter to Nickelodeon regarding the mathematical impossibility* of SpongeBob’s Pineapple under the Sea.

It should be noted that the multitalented Hart also provided the moody, melancholic score for the haunting short film “Henri 2: Paw de Deux,” which just won the prestigious Golden Kitty at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival yesterday.

*WARNING: this video may intrigue you to the point that you will be powerless but to embark on her epic 3-part botano-mathematical series explaining why plants tend to grow in Fibonacci sequences.

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