Dems Unleash Open-Source Voter Registration App

With less than 10 weeks to go before the election on Nov. 6, the Democratic party has released technology to make it easier for new voters to register on the Internet.

One version of the software widget allows Dem-leaning websites to add an Obama-branded registration form to their pages.  Another version creates a more  generic registration form allowing any site — even Republican-leaning ones — to add a button opening simple form that can be used by would-be voters in any state that allows online voter registration.

Reports WIRED:

Would-be voters simply fill out a form, and the app creates a PDF unique to their state that they can print out. Citizens of states that allow online registration are taken directly to the proper online form. The code is released under a custom license from the DNC that allows wide re-use of the code, so long as laws aren’t broken.

Whether GOP-leaning sites would make use of the open-source widget is uncertain, given that the Republican party spent the past year trying to make it more difficult to register new voters in Florida.  Conventional wisdom holds that voter registration drives tend to add Democratic-leaning voters to the roles, in particular minorities and first-time young voters.

To see the generic form in action, check out the demo at Heroku.

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