Electronic Frontier Foundation Sues to Reveal Evidence of Unconstitutional Spying

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed suit against the Department of Justice to force compliance with a Freedom of Information request regarding a secret court ruling that the National Security Agency violated the Fourth Amendment.

Last month a letter to Congress revealed that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled that  “on at least one occasion” the NSA violated the Constitution’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, but details and the ruling itself remain classified.

The EFF filed a Freedom of Information request for details of the ruling, and on Aug 30 followed up a lawsuit to force compliance, according to Ars Technica:

In an accompanying statement, the EFF said the requested records could also help Congress decide whether to allow the surveillance program to continue. “The surveillance provisions in the FAA [FISA Amendments Act] will sunset at the end of this year unless Congress reauthorizes the law,” the EFF said. “The pending congressional debate on reauthorization makes it all the more critical that the government release this information on the NSA’s actions.”

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