Anonymous Delivers “1,000,001 iPhones and Some FBI ButtHurt” UPDATED

Anonymous has published more than 1 million unique device identifier numbers (UDIDs) for Apple devices it claims to have stolen from the FBI.  In an announcement posted to Pastebin promising “1,000,001 iPhones and Some FBI ButtHurt” the hacker collective claimed to have stolen 12 million UDIDs from the laptop of none other than FBI special agent Christopher Stangl, who appeared in a Facebook video three years ago calling on hackers to join the FBI.

The hack attack was carried out under the flag of #Anti-Sec, a campaign by Anonymous and affiliate LulzSec against intrusive government monitoring, which brought down UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency last year. The announcement said the release of the UDIDs (supposedly stripped of other identifying information) was intended to bring attention to what it claims is an extensive FBI electronic monitoring program.

Indeed, if you found your iPhone’s UDID was among those released, you may well ask why it was (allegedly) found on the laptop of an FBI special agent.  TheNextWeb has set up a web tool to check if your Apple UDID was included in the dump.

Beyond the question of why the FBI would be keeping tabs on more than 12 million Apple devices, the attack — which supposedly exploited the  AtomicReferenceArray vulnerability in Java — also raises questions about FBI data security procedures.  As noted by Indian tech blogger Ahitagni Mandal:

UPDATE: Gawker’s Adrian Chen noticed that he got a personal shout-out in the announcement, demanding the snark site post a picture of him in a tutu (and with a shoe on his head) before any further information about the attack is released:

to journalists: no more interviews to anyone till Adrian Chen get featured in the front page of Gawker, a whole day, with a huge picture of him dressing a ballet tutu and shoe on the head, no photoshop. yeah, man… (and there you ll get your desired pageviews number too) Until that happens, this whole statement will be the only thing getting out directly from us. So no tutu, no sources.

UPDATE UPDATE: Adrian Chen has caved to the demands of the cyber-terrorists and posted a picture of himself in a tutu with a shoe on this head.  Anonymous operatives around the world are now free to spill the deets on the #Anti-Sec FBI hack.

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