Internet Demands Betty White Speak at the DNC

There is a wildfire sweeping across the grassroots of the Internet to draft nonagenarian hipster icon Betty White to redeem the image of America’s seniors by speaking at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, this week.

Gawker reports:

Hoping to counter the “bad name” Clint Eastwood gave “to older Americans everywhere with his absurd and awkward-to-watch introduction of Governor Romney” at last week’s Republican National Convention, an ever-growing number of Internet users hope to convince the Democratic powers-that-be to let Betty White introduce President Obama at this week’s Democratic National Convention.

The petition calling for the Golden Girl to speak blew past its initial 10,000-signature goal in the hour after Neetzan Zimmerman’s Gawker post went live, and the “Bring Betty White to the DNC” Facebook page picked up 2,000 more likes to reach over 33,000.

The successful January 2010 Facebook campaign to convince NBC to have White host Saturday Night Live had three months to gain steam (and 500,000 supporters) before the network confirmed her appearance later that year.  But the DNC petition and Facebook page were started only four days ago — and have only two days to achieve their goal before the convention closes with Obama’s speech Thursday night.

Even if a massive social media crusade (#BettyWhiteDNC) persuaded the Democrats to offer her a speaking slot, Zimmerman points out that White may be too busy to come to Charlotte and accept, since she has two TV shows currently in production.  But maybe Stephen Colbert can be convinced to have her address the nationa via satellite.

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