U.S. Ranks Second in the First Global Web Index

The United States came in a close second (behind Sweden) in the first-ever Web Index ranking of 61 countries.   The Web Index was created by the World Wide Web Foundation, founded by the inventor of the Web, Sir/Dr. Tim Berners-Lee, and bills itself as “the world’s first multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s growth, utility and impact on people and nations.”

While Sweden set the bar with an overall score of 100, the U.S. wasn’t far behind at 97.31.  Britain, Canada and Finland, which rounded out the top 5, scored 93.83, 93.42 and 91.88, respectively.  Most of the lowest-ranking countries are in Africa, but at the bottom of the list is Yemen with a score of zero.

A country’s overall score is a composite of scores judging “Web Readiness” (basically infrastructure and availability of service), “Web Use” (examining both usage and the content available) and “Impact” (including social networks, business use and political participation via the Web).

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