Clinton’s Twitter Count Beat Romney, But Not Michelle

The hottest new political metric is the TPM — “tweets per minute” — generated during a convention speech, and so far, Michelle Obama is still the reigning champion.  Some expected a shake-up in the rankings with Bill Clinton’s speech, but his TPM count came in at 22,087 — well below the 28,003 TPM that swamped the Twittersphere when the First lady spoke the night before.

But it was still enough to beat Mitt Romney.  Even with the Romney campaign attempting to juice his numbers by purchasing a “trending topic” for the night of his speech at the GOP convention, the Republican nominee generated a comparatively paltry 14,289 TPM.

The partisan disparity in TPM likely has more to do with the demographics of Twitter users, however, than the enthusiasm of the overall audience of the convention speakers, as Twitter usage skews toward typically Democratic constituencies:

3 thoughts on “Clinton’s Twitter Count Beat Romney, But Not Michelle

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