Korean YouTubers Can Now Upload Content — Gangnam Style!

YouTube has re-enabled content uploading in South Korea three years after a restrictive online commenting law led its parent company, Google, to block uploads to the video-sharing service.

The law, intended to prevent anonymous commenting, required any websites with more than 100,000 daily visitors to implement systems to verify that all commenters provided their real name.  Rather than comply, YouTube and 150 other sites simply disabled local uploads completely.

The South Korean government repealed the law last month, paving the way for Google to restore YouTube’s full functions in the most wired country in Asia.  Of course, Internet-savvy Koreans had already found ways to work around the restrictions, for example, logging on through a proxy, or using another country’s local version of YouTube.

Most of the 112 million viewers of K-pop rapper PSY’s video for “Gangnam Style” probably didn’t even know that Google had blocked uploads of local Korean content.

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