Global Internet Capacity Has Doubled in the Past Two Years

Global Internet capacity has doubled since 2010 to 77 terabits per second, despite a continued slowdown in the rate of growth.

The rate of annual growth in the Internet bandwidth has slowed steadily since 2008,  from 68% that year to only 40% in 2012.  Nonetheless, global Internet transmission capacity has exploded to 5 times what it was four years ago, according to telecoms consulting firm TeleGeography.

The slowing rate of growth in bandwidth was more than matched by the drop in the growth rate of peak usage, which has grown by only 33% this year after spiking by 57% in 2011 when the Arab Spring was in full swing.

TeleGeography predicts Internet usage to continue to increase globally, due both to expanding subscriber bases in developing countries and the popularity of bandwidth-hungry services like video-on-demand in more mature markets.

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