Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Living Room into a Holodeck

Well, at least make it a full-body gaming arena with an immersive environment projected on the walls.

A Microsoft patent application describes an  “immersive display experience” to be created by projecting peripheral images on the walls of the room to provide 360-degree visuals for the gamer.

The main action would stay focused on the TV screen, but depth-sensing cameras would adjust the perspective of the projected view as the player moves around the room, and even create a cut-out in the projection to avoid shining the light into the player’s eyes.

The depth-sensing cameras would also help the projection compensate visually for distortions, notes Ars Technica:

Regardless of the form, the depth-sensing camera described in the patent application aids the environmental projector by sensing the layout and topography of the room. This allows the projector to provide color and distortion correction, so the projected images look correct even when cast against different walls and pieces of furniture.

The patent application, originally filed early last year but published by the US Patent Office last week, says the projected peripheral visuals could also work with 3D glasses.

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