Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Sent Mixed Messages on Twitter After Embassy Riots

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood sent out contradictory messages on its English-language and Arabic Twitter feeds in the wake of riots outside the U.S. embassy, sparking a brief diplomatic row on the social media platform.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which controls Egypt’s parliament and the presidency, maintains Twitter feeds in English and in Arabic.  Following riots at the U.S. embassy this week over You Tube clips of an American-made film designed to insult Islam, the Brotherhood’s English feed tweeted a conciliatory message:  “We r relieved none of @USEmbassyCairo staff were harmed & hope US-Eg relations will sustain turbulence of Tuesday’s events.”

But The Daily Dot describes a very different message sent out after the riots on the Brotherhood’s Arabic Twitter feed:

Translated, it read, “Egyptians rise to defend the Prophet.” The tweet linked to a post on the Brotherhood’s Arabic-language site, describing “angry students” who claimed “victory” over “slanderous claims in an American film.” The post doesn’t appear to specifically address violence against the U.S. embassy, but it doesn’t condemn the violence, either.

snarky Twitter spat ensued, with the U.S. embassy posting a now-deleted tweet: “Thanks. By the way, have you checked out your own Arabic feeds? I hope you know we read those too.”  A reply from the Brotherhood’s English feed coyly asked which Arabic feeds the embassy was talking about.

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