Case Against Assange May Collapse for Lack of Key Evidence

The failure of two forensic labs to find DNA evidence in a torn condom could blow a hole in Sweden’s case for extraditing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from the U.K. to face questioning for alleged sexual assault.

A 100-page document from Swedish Authorities shown to Assange’s lawyers acknowledged that two forensic laboratories were unable to find evidence of his DNA on a torn condom provided by one of the two women who claim he assaulted then in 2010.

She claimed that Assange deliberately tore that condom beforehand in order to have unprotected sex when she had only consented to protected sex.  The Wikileaks founder’s lawyers say that the failure to find DNA linking the condom to Assange suggest that this evidence — and perhaps other aspects of the case — had been faked.

Assange, who has not been charged with a crime and remains at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London resisting extradition to Sweden, has long maintained that the case against him was trumped-up by Swedish authorities at the behest of the American government in retaliation for leaking droves of secret U.S. military documents and diplomatic cables on his website.

The same labs did find DNA matching Assange on another condom from a consensual encounter with the second alleged victim, who accused him of later having unprotected sex with her while she slept.  But Assange’s lawyers say the report reveals that during a police interview the woman apparently suggests that she did not mind him having unprotected sex with her.

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