Avast! Pirate Partier Wants Pirates to Walk the Plank!

Arrr!  Thar be hypocrisy in a scurvy member of the German Pirate Party’s legal action against a website offering pirated copies of her book.

Just in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, lawyers from Random House, a publisher owned by German media giant Bertlesmann, have sent takedown notices to DropBox, a file-sharing site that was offering pirated PDFs of a recent book by Julia Schramm, an executive committee member of the Pirate Party, a political party founded to challenge what Schramm herself has called “the content mafia” of intellectual property holders.

Though her book is entitled Click Me: Confessions of an Internet exhibitionist, Schramm’s publisher drew the line at having the book exhibited on the Internet without the “content mafia” getting its cut.

Der Spiegel reports that this cut is pretty juicy, with the book retailing at a cover price for the hardback edition of €16.99 and €13.99 for the e-book, no doubt priced to recoup the  €100,000 ($131,010) Random House gave Schramm as an advance.

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