Romney Becomes Tumblr’s Most-Reblogged Man (Unfortunately)

Mitt Romney made social media history again this week by becoming the most-shared personality ever on the social blogging platform Tumblr, but not in a way his campaign would want.

It wasn’t an unflattering photo — it wasn’t a picture at all — but simply the unflattering statement “Mitt Romney sucks pass it on.” Tumblr allows users to add others’ posts to their own blogs with a simple click, and the “Mitt Romney sucks” meme spread to nearly 8 million blogs within 24 hours, making it easily one of the most popular Tumblr posts of all time, notes the Daily Dot.

This embarrassing social media milestone comes in an election season where Romney’s campaign has made aggressive and pioneering use of social media platforms, from being the first political campaign to purchase a “trending topic” on Twitter, to buying Facebook ads to top the results of searches for his opponent’s name (and to place his running mate’s name atop searches for his own), and promoting tweets to the top of Twitter searches referring to his own gaffes.

As with Romney’s relative underperformance on Twitter, the GOP candidate’s viral blaze across Tumblr is more likely a reflection of the platform’s Democratic demographics than any true measure of his overall popularity among voters.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr’s demographics skew heavily toward traditionally Democratic constituencies.  The majority of Tumblr bloggers are young (18-35), female, college educated and childless.  Perhaps more importantly, most Tumblr users make less than $50,ooo a year, which may have made them more likely to take offence at Romney’s recently aired remarks about the 47% of Americans he appeared to dismiss as irredeemably dependent on government.

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