Despite Ban, One Quarter of All Twitter Users Live in China

The Chinese government has blocked Twitter since 2009, and fostered the growth of homegrown alternative Sina Weibo, but even so, Twitter still has about 35.5 million active users behind the Great Firewall of China — more than in any other country.

That figure still represents less than 7% of the more-than-half-a-billion Chinese estimated to use the Internet, but it does suggest that Beijing’s blockade of Twitter has been far less effective than its similar ban of Facebook, which has a paltry half million users in mainland China.

The country with the next-largest number of active users is India, with 30 million.   The U.S. comes in a distant third with just 22.9 million — about 16% of Twitter’s 140 million active users — as estimated in a GlobalWebIndex report cited by eMarketer.

Brazil is close behind the U.S. with 19.6 million active users, defined as accounts used at least once a month.

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