Obama and Glenn Beck Agree: You Should Register to Vote

They may agree on nothing else, but both President Obama and conservative firebrand Glenn Beck are urging Americans to participate in National Voter Registration Day.

Using the rather ungainly official hashtag #925nvrd, both of them tweeted links to sites that aim not only to help people register but also prompt them to convince friends to register as well.

Beck steers his followers to the voter registration page of a conservative website called Wallbuilders, but Obama’s tweet links to a Facebook app that helps with registration and then searches for Facebook friends in swing states and suggests tipping them to the registration app as well.

Facebook, which has added “Registered to Vote” as a timeline event, is one of several social media sites participating in National Voter Registration Day.  Tumblr has a voter registration button that shows up on U.S. users’ dashboards, and YouTube has enabled an annotation feature linking to Google’s voter registration page.

Google is going even further to promote civic participation this year, according to TechPresident:

Google announced late last week that it had launched a new “Civic Information API,” allowing developer access to information on things like polling places and candidates. Much of this had already been in place from prior years, thanks to work by two groups that Google supports, the Voting Information Project and Ballot Information Project. But the Civic Information API offers new guidelines for developers who want to use that data, Google staffers say, and it also rearranges the framework so that developers can access more data, including from a new state-by-state dataset on voter ID requirements that’s expected to come online in advance of the election, all with the same line of code.

The National Voter Registration Day campaign involves over 1,000 organizations aiming to prompt potential voters to register before state deadlines coming up in October prevent them from voting in the Nov. 6 election.

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