AMD’s AppZone Brings Android Apps to PCs

Chipmaker AMD’s new AppZone partnership with BlueStacks will bring more than 500,00 Android apps to PC users running Windows 7 and the new Windows 8.

The BlueStacks software has been optimized to run on chips from AMD, a major investor in the startup.  The partnership positions BlueStacks to capitalize on next-generation touch-screen laptops running Windows 8, and may lead to agreements with PC makers to add BlueStacks to their preloaded software packages.

The arrangement should be a boon to AMD as well, BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma told VentureBeat:

“Our research has shown that for the youngest, newest customers, their first device is mobile.  Then they get a PC and expect it to have the apps their phone does. This deal positions AMD very well for this fast-growing group of young buyers.”

BlueStack brought Android apps to Macs earlier this year, with downloads far exceeding expectations despite a limited catalogue for the platform.

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