Tumblr Will “Live-GIF” Presidential Debates

In yet another social-media wrinkle to the 2012 election, the social blogging network Tumblr plans to “Live-GIF” the presidential debates.

Starting at 9 p.m. EST on Oct. 3, the night of the first debate, Tumblr staff and select GIF impresarios will be slicing and stacking video frames of meme-worthy moments from the three Presidential face-offs, as well as the Vice-Presidential debate:

“Elevating the discourse as only Tumblr can,[*] we’ll have a crack team of GIF artists cranking out instant animations of the best debate moments, from zingers to gaffes to awkward silences.”

The GIFs will be posted on Tumblr’s new blog, Gifwich, created specifically for the debate live-giffing project. Selected creations will be also be featured on the Guardian’s liveblog and Tumblr’s official Election blog.

*You may recall the most recent Tumblr-driven “elevation” of the discourse, when Romney achieved an unfortunate social-media milestone.

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