Romney Facebook App Finds Your Most Politically Influential Friends

In the final sprint to Election Day, the Romney camp is rolling out a new Facebook that searches supporters’ friends to micro-target those most useful to the campaign.

The Commit to Mitt app first searches users’ friend lists to select those living in swing states, so time and effort aren’t wasted reaching out to voters in that are already solidly red or blue.

Then the app uses Faceb0ok’s open graph platform to examine those friends’ interests, tastes and political preferences to identify which ones would be most receptive to direct outreach from the app user on behalf of the GOP nominee.

The user then gets a list of their friends that the Romney campaign recommends they contact with a personal appeal about the election.  If the app determines that a user is likely to influence friends with a broadcast message, it will also suggest post a voting appeal on their wall.

Romney campaign staffer Matt Lira told Tech Crunch that the app was inspired in part by recent research showing that political messages on Facebook can significantly boost voter turnout, which both campaigns agree will be crucial in this election.

 “All one needs to do is look at their own newsfeed to know that people want to talk about this election on Facebook; the question is, how can we make sure that activity is purposeful and effective at making a difference for the campaign,” Lira said.

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