Samsung Shipped Twice as Many Smartphones as Apple in Q3

Samsung’s third-quarter results included surprisingly good news considering it lost a $1 billion court battle to Apple in that period.  The Korean conglomerate sold 57 million smartphones from July through September — double the number Apple shipped.

The eye-popping sales total — double the figure from last year and amounting to 35% of the global smartphone market — came despite an injunction against U.S. sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphones in place from June 29 until it was overturned on appeal Oct. 11.  These sales helped boost Samsung’s Q3 profits to a record $7.4 billion, up 91% over the same period last year.

It should be noted that Apple’s comparatively lackluster showing of “only” 27 million iPhones sold in Q3 (Apple’s fiscal Q4) probably had a lot to do with Apple fans holding out for the new iPhone 5, which only went of sale in the last week of the quarter ending Sept. 30. Though Apple missed analysts’ estimates for the quarter, denting it’s lofty stock price, the company’s profits of $8.2 billion still beat rival Samsung’s record haul.

Third quarter sales numbers show other smartphone makers to be in a race to the bottom, with RIM’s sales dropping by nearly 35% year-on-year, HTC’s falling by over 42%, and Nokia dropping out of the top 5 ranking entirely.

So, despite the $1 billion patent judgment (now on appeal), it looks like copying the iPhone was a winning move for Samsung after all.

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