Apple in UK Admits Samsung Tabs Not Copies — Also “Not As Cool” As iPad

In complying with a British court’s order for Apple to publish a statement acknowledging its ruling that Samsung tablets were not copies of the iPad, Apple used the court’s own words to further note that their rival’s tables are also “not as cool.”

The court order came after Apple lost a preemptive lawsuit by Samsung seeking a ruling that the Korean electronics giant’s Galaxy tablet had not infringed on the iPad’s EU-registered design.  The UK court ordered Apple to link on its website and publish in prominent British media a statement acknowledging that Samsung hadn’t infringed on its design, in order to “correct the damaging impression” the Galaxy was a copy of the iPad.

Though the print ads have yet to appear, the statement linked to Apple’s site snarkily highlights an excerpt from the original ruling by High Court Judge Colin Birss:

“The extreme simplicity of the Apple design is striking. Overall it has undecorated flat surfaces with a plate of glass on the front all the way out to a very thin rim and a blank back. There is a crisp edge around the rim and a combination of curves, both at the corners and the sides. The design looks like an object the informed user would want to pick up and hold. It is an understated, smooth and simple product. It is a cool design.”

“The informed user’s overall impression of each of the Samsung Galaxy Tablets is the following. From the front they belong to the family which includes the Apple design; but the Samsung products are very thin, almost insubstantial members of that family with unusual details on the back. They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool.”

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