Google Maps Returns to iPhone — Instantly Dominates App Store

Within hours of its launch, the Google Maps app for the newest iPhone plotted a path straight to the top of Apple’s App Store.

Apple replaced Google’s map function with its own Map App in the iPhone 5 that launched in September, but the software was wasn’t ready for prime time, leading to so many bizarre results that it spawned its own meme — Apple Maps Fail — and even potentially deadly errors.

While Cupertino scrambled to fix its maps, and hackers tried to make earlier versions of Google Maps work with iOS 6, Google was working on new mapping software with even more features.  In addition to “street view” functions inside over 100,000 buildings, live traffic updates and turn-by-turn directions, the new Google Maps also supports a range of gesture controls.  You can manipulate maps and call up additional information with two-finger taps and swipes, and even twist maps to orient them the way you’re facing.

UPDATE: JailBreakNation posted a video showing a simple way to get the iPhone voice assistant, Siri, to give directions based on Google Maps data rather than Apple’s flawed Map App:  simply add the phrase “via transit” at the end of your request for directions.

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